When: JULY 2018

Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

AGES: 13 - 18 YEARS


Taking place over four weeks in the beautiful island of Bali every summer, young adults come together to acquire valuable business and coding skills while tackling real-life business challenges.

AZOOP Summer Camps are for high school students who want to:

  • Explore the world of business, technology, and entrepreneurship
  • Challenge themselves, to get out of their comfort zone
  • Learn practical skills vital for success in the future economy

What will participants lEARN?


Business skills

AZOOP Summer Camp teaches our students what it takes to start and run a business from ideation to execution. Topics covered include business strategy, design thinking, and digital marketing. Students get to learn from industry experts, and work on real-life business case challenges. The camp will culminate in a pitching challenge to a panel comprising of venture capitalists and tech-professionals. 


We leverage on technology as an enabler for our students to turn their ideas into reality. The technologies introduced to our students (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are also relevant and highly sought-after skills in the workplace.

Personal Development

Over the four weeks, AZOOP Summer Camp provides a breadth of environments including outdoor and classroom activities, individual and team challenges, and a homestay with a local Balinese village. The experience nurtures confidence, instills empathy, and builds resilience, while broadening horizons.